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New Species of Bird Found in Rote Island


Myzomela irianawidodoae sp.nov, new species of bird that found in Rote island .(Foto: Agus Priyono)

MANADO, – Research team of Center Biological Research – LIPI led by Dr. Dewi M. Prawiradilaga publish a new type of bird from Rote island, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).

The team working with researchers from the National University of Singapore, (Ass Prof. Frank Rheindt et al) believes that the endemic bird of Myzomela spp is a new species.

The announcement of the new type of bird was delivered by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya while in Manado, Thursday (11/1/2018).

“President Joko Widodo has permitted the use of his wife name to the bird species found on this Rote island,” said Siti Nurbaya

This species has the name Myzomela irianawidodoae sp.nov. This is the first time in Indonesia, the name of the bird using the name president’s wife.

“This is an expression and appreciation to the President’s wife who is very concerned about bird life, her dedication can be an example in saving the environment in Indonesia,” said Siti Nurbaya.

Myzomela irianawidodoae birds are small with 11.8 cm long body, weighs 32.23 grams and half-length of 1.79 cm; the wingspan is 17.2 cm and the wing length is 5.8 cm, the tail length is 3.7 cm and the height of the foot is 1.67 cm.

Black beak, dark brown eyes, black legs and fingers with yellow nail pads. The hairs on the head to the upper chest,  the neck are red blood, the black bridle color and the thin black line around the eyes, the black ribbon in mid-chest and gradually becoming gray with olive stroke on the lower chest, abdomen, thighs.

The back and tail of the bird are black, and the middle of the back to the red tunggir and black wings mixed with dark gray.

This bird is a nectar eater, the sweet liquid contained in flowers. They also like some small insects, including spiders.

“This bird inhabits in forests, bushes, farm and flowering trees,  sometimes can be found eating nectar on the flowers of teak trees around the village. The sound of the chirp singing while flying,” said Dr. Dewi M. Prawiradilaga.

As a nectar eater, M. irianawidodoae birds have the potential to become pollinators. But this role in nature needs to be proved deep in research and observation.

Rote is the largest island in the Rote Archipelago in NTT Province. The island is in the southernmost region of Indonesia.

This bird belongs to the Meliphagidae family as a protected bird according to Law No. 5 of 1990 on the Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and its Ecosystem, in Government Regulation Number 7 of 1999.

The discovery of this new type requires a very long process, starting from Forbes’s statement in 1879 that there are still many types of Myzomela spp. in the undiscovered Wallacea region.

In 1996 Johnstone and Jepson reported the alleged new type of Myzomela from Rote Island on the list of bird species based on their observations in 1990 and 1993.

Then in 2009 an environmental activist Philip Verbelen reported his observations in Rote Island on the same bird species, and successfully  take photos and sound recordings.

Finally in 2017, the research team of the Center for Biological Research – LIPI and the National University of Singapore research team publish this new species in the scientific journal Treubia Volume 44, December 2017 edition, pages 77-100.


Editor: Eva Aruperes



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World Water Day 2018 Had Theme ‘Nature for Water’


Cleaning up activity in Malalayang estuary.(Foto: Humas Pemprov Sulut)

MANADO, – World Water Day is observed on March 22 every year in order to utter how important of water. Because of water is one of most important natural resources. People, animals, and plants depend on water to survive.

The celebration of World Water Day XXVI, Minister of Public Works Housing Basuki Hadimuljojo said that this World Water Day celebration has themed Nature for Water.

Basuki’s speech read by  Head of Sulawesi River Region Basin I Djidon R Wantania, World Water Day is commemorated every March 22 since 26 years ago was implemented to remind  all parties about importance of water for survival by mankind on this earth .

“We could more concern in preserving nature and access to safe water for everyone on this earth,” he said in Sapu Kuala Malalayang activity to celebrate World Water Day XXVI at PAUD Development Center and Community Education Manado, on Friday (23/3/2018).

He said many challenges are faced about water problems. Today clean water scarcity has affected in 1.9 billion people worldwide.

“The population growth rapidly, water demand will also increase being one third in 2050,” he said.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan



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Blood Donor Is A Part Of Lifestyle


ndonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla inaugurated blood donor outlet in Mantos. (Foto: Humas Pemprov Sulut)

MANADO, – Blood donor a lifestyle. This slogan is always echoed in various occasions by Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) or Indonesian Red Cross Society of North Sulawesi.

This slogan is an invitation to the public that blood donor becomes a routine agenda. Regularly, blood donations become part of the lifestyle.

Because of this slogan, North Sulawesi PMI through Giat Donor Darah Team initiated to create a special blood donor booth at mall in Manado City.

It was realized when Vice President Jusuf Kalla inaugurated the Blood Donor Unit in Manado Town Square (Mantos) I, Monday (19/3/2018).

Chairman of Giat Donor Darah PMI Team of North Sulawesi Annie Dondokambey said the idea came up because blood in North Sulawesi has been shortage. Many people complaints in social media.

“We check in hospitals, everywhere, blood is always lacking out. So, we ​​create this outlet, hopefully could supply bloods,” said Annie, Tuesday (20/3/2018).

She thanked to Mantos Owner Hengky Wijaya, who provided an outlet for blood donor.

“Our hope, this outlet makes easy the residents to donate blood. While walking in the mall could stop to donating blood. So that, blood donors become a lifestyle,” said Annie.

Previously, Indonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla accompanied Hj Mufidah Jusuf Kalla and Vice Governor of North Sulawesi Steven O. Kandouw inaugurated the outlet in front of Mantos Hypermart.

Vice President assessed that opened a blood donor outlet at the mall is a great idea.

“Those who are usual donors blood, while walking to the mall they can donate blood,” said Jusuf.

North Sulawesi Governor Olly Dondokambey said the provincial government is fully supportive of PMI efforts to meet the blood needs.

“We asked to owner of Mantos to provide a special place of blood donation,” Olly said.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan



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