KPK Arrested Member of DPR and High Court in an “Operasi Tangkap Tangan”

MANADO, – KPK or Corruption Eradication Commision was arrested DPR and High Court member in a Jakarta hotel on 7 October 2017. A member of DPR in North Sulawesi named Aditya Didi Moha and a Head of High Court named Sudiwardono.

They had been arrested because for did bribes in cases of corruption alleged of Marlina Moha Siahaan. Aditya wants to protect his mother Marline away from five years sentence. Eventually he did bribes for Sudiwardono.

KPK find evidence in hotel room, such us: Singapore dollar amount of 100.00 SGD. Vice chairman of KPK Laode M. Syarif said that there was a promise 100.000 SGD from Aditya to Sudiwardono.

On Sunday, 8 October 2017 two KPK team come in Manado city aim to visit High Court office, and also in official residence of Sudiwardono.

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