Parachutist Landed On the Roof of Building

MANADO, – An incident had happened in the first day of Manado International Open Parachuting on Monday (16/10/2017).

Parachutist from PTP AST team, Indonesia had landed on the roof of Marina Plaza building unexpectedly. Gamaliel and her team did parachuting while gale starting.  The wind blow exceeds 7 knot so that landed on the roof. It is an obstacle for parachutist when wind blow exceeds 7 knot.

Ruslan Yusuf, a parachust from Malaysia said, “The wind is strong makes the parachutist difficult to jump down”.

The audience immediately scream and run while see a parachutist flying far from landed circle. Luckily, Gamaliel had not injury though his parachute stuck on a pole.


Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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