A Parachute Flying Without Jumper

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – The fourth day of Manado International Open Parachuting surprised by a parachute flying in Manado sky without a jumper.

The blue parachute looks far on the air strike dumb all the people in Marina Plaza area. Everybody thinks it is a mistake jumping. Evidently, it is only a get off parachute.

Resha Sri Harmanto, an Indonesia athlete, join in PTP Garuda Jakarta team. He is senior parachutist athlete about four hundred of jump was start in 2007.

He has a problem while jumping, her canopy and cagar parachute are open at the same time. Canopy is actual parachute, whereas Cagar is an alternative parachute.

Two of Resha’s parachute are open while he jumping, and he decided to get off the canopy landed on the sea and using his Cagar parachute. It is the procedure of parachuting.

“I had trouble on the air, my two parachutes are open in the same time. So, I decided to get off my canopy and use my second parachute. And I think its safety. And I hope this championship will go well and no more accident”. Said Resha


Editor: Ronny A. Buol



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