Internet’s Negative Effect – So many people ask, how to prevent or overcome the negative effects of the internet. What is the answer?

First, In fact that is a foolish question. Why do people ask about the negative effects? But rarely people ask about how to expand the positive effects or the benefits.

Have you ever asked? Have you get the answers? That’s not enough. The answer to the question “what is the benefit of the internet” is an unlimited. So I guess to keep learning and asking about the benefits of the internet, until you do not have time to ask the bad effects.

A knife has a negative effect. Why do not people ask about the negative effects of knives? Because they already understand about the positive effects or the function.

Why people ask about the negative effects of internet? Because we do not use the internet for a purpose.

When people asked about how to overcome the negative effects of the internet, the easiest way is to disconnect it. Disconnect your internet connection until you really know why you use internet for. And then you also know how to use the internet for your children. So you do not need to bother anymore about the negative effects.

Many people would be anxious when asked to disconnect the internet, although they did not understand why they access the internet. It is the big problem of people are living and acting aimlessly. This is happen to our young people too.

There are millions of young people are living aimlessly, not knowing they want to, what they learn to. They were sent to school, without knowing what to learn. They have no idea. Even if they have, they do not know the way to achieve it.

If children have an internet connection. What will they do? Playing game every time. Actually, it is not just the internet could damage them. Whereas anything could be damage. Food also can damage people who live aimlessly. Eat a lot food could make obese.

So, if you want your child do not get negative internet effects, give them a goal and accompany them. In that case you will discover how useful the internet is.


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Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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