Batu Buaya (Crocodile Stone), The Evidence Of Two Tough Men

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.comBatu Buaya (Crocodile Stone) in Manado City, is a legend cultural site of Bantik relics. The site located on a plantation land in Malalayang District, is often called Batu Dihua.

The location has been fenced off by a wall measuring about 7×5 meters. Just like the name of Batu Buaya, it looks like the shape of a crocodile, but without a head. Unfortunately, Crocodile Stone site looks unkempt, wild grass grows there.

In entrance area have a stone plate that tells the history of the stone site.

The myth battle of Tonaas Waworongan Vs Yopo Bantik

Supposedly, Batu Buaya originated from the legend of Bantik people had war between Tonaas Waworongan with Yopo Bantik.

Tonaas entered the territory of Tou Bantik. And Yopo Bantik felt there was an uninvited guest who enter into his territory. Without a lot of talk, Tonawas Waworongan and Yopo Bantik were competing magic power.

Yopo Bantik was overwhelmed and increasingly exhausted. Finally Yopo Bantik issued his last ability. He prayed to Almighty to bring a new strength to him. The new power comes in the form of a Korotey dog.

This dog helped Yopo Bantik attack Tonaas Waworongan. In a moment of negligence, Korotey attacked weakness point of Tonaas Waworongan by bite his vital. Finally, Tonsawang was injured and weakened. Tonaas Waworongan was be killed.

Knowing Tonsawang was dead, Yopo Bantik informed to the people of Bantik about his victory. Not easy to believe, they also ask for proof. He returned to the location of a war. He found that the opponent’s body has been transformed into a crocodile, from the feet to the neck. The head that has not changed.

He drew his sword and cut off the opponent’s head. Separate head of a human body is a crocodile. Head of Tonaas Waworongan then brought as evidence of his victory to elders of Bantik.

Tonaas body eventually hardened into stone at a location known as site of Stone Crocodile.

Government Attention

Denny Sege as Chairman of the Indigenous Alliance Peoples of Bantik (Amab) when interviewed by Zona Utara journalist at his residence in Malalayang District, explained that the story of Batu Crocodile has become a story legend among Bantik area in North Sulawesi.

“The legend happened in the past,” said Denny without detailing when the occurred time.

He hoped, Batu Buaya site is getting more attention to the maintenance site, from the Government of Manado.

“Moreover, Batu Buaya site is already under the supervision of Tourism Office of Manado City,” he said.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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