Skateboarding Becomes A Part of Asian Games 2018

MANADO, – Skateboarding is rife among young people in Indonesia will be contested in the Asian Games 2018. This action sport fulfills the number of sports in Asian Games 2018 to 40 sports.

As reported, Indonesia is proposing 30 sports actually, but the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) added one branch namely Roller Sports (skateboard and roller skate). OCA thinks they have to add Roller Sports as skateboarding in 2020 Tokyo Olympics, while the skate roller will be shown in the 2019 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Asian Games 2018 are considered to test that Olympic competition. Arena Roller Sports branch at the Asian Games 2018 will be prepared at Jakabaring Sports City, Palembang and GOR Saparua Bandung. In both places there is a roller skate arena, just add a track for the skateboard.

The history of skateboarding was first discovered in the mid-1940s-1950s by Frank Nasworthy a surfer from California, at that time he wanted to find another alternative to surfing when the sea was not choppy, and then the first skateboard game is played. The first board is made almost similar to the surf board, but the size is rather small and given a roller skate tire.

In 1970s, Frank Nasworthy made skateboard tires from polyurethane material or commonly called Cadillac. The new creation of skateboard tires making the popularity of skateboards growing rapidly. Many factory companies in California are modifying skateboard. The development of this sport, a lot of modifications of skateboards.

In Indonesia, skateboarding began around the 1980s. Skate lovers in Indonesia get information about skate in the world through videos and reading skateboard magazines from abroad.

Over time, this extreme sport is growing in Indonesia young people. And then skateboarding championship event is also start in Indonesia. It makes many skateboarding communities and of course skateboarding athletes.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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