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The Favorite Cakes Of Breaking The Fast In Manado City



MANADO, – During the month of fasting, many people are selling cakes and drinks to break the fast. This phenomenon has become a kind of tradition in Indonesia, not least in Manado City, North Sulawesi Province.

Ibras is a 42-year-old woman admitted that every Ramadan, she and her husband Idul Djubuli never absent hawking various cakes.

“Every fasting month is an opportunity for us to reap the fortune by selling cakes. We made some of these cakes,” said Ibras, when interviewed on Saturday (2/6/2018), at Beringin Field complex, Ketang Baru Sub-district, Manado City.

According to Ibras, there are several kinds of cakes that always sold out quickly. Like Kue Kuk cake, Lampu cakes, Balapis and Kokole Cake. Ibras had been 10 years selling the cake explained how the ingredients needed for Kuk and Kokole cake.

“This Kue Kuk cake has a soft texture sticky with stuffed green beans. It Made from a mixture of glutinous rice flour, sugar, salt and water with a special mold,” explained Ibras.

Accordinng to the old story, Ibras explained, Kue Kuk was a cake originating from Chinese culture.

“As for Kokole cake is made from corn pounded, mixed with brown sugar and coconut milk. This is most demand also,” he said.

“If we sell two or three trays, sometimes before 5 pm the cake has sold out. People say it’s best to eat this cake when it cold, or mix it with peanut ice,” adds Ibras.

Her husband, Idul Djubuli said that although many new cakes appear but the cake from decades ago are still become favorite for citizens.

“Not only Muslims who fast like these cookies. However, from non-Muslim also come to buy many typical cakes of Manado City,” he concluded.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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Explore Manado: Culinary Tourism in Manado City

And if you like spicy foods, then maybe your tongue will be happy if you take it to Manado.

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MANADO, – Almost every regions in Indonesia has their own unique culinary. Each of them has different taste in combining the foods. And if you like spicy foods, then maybe your tongue will be happy if you take it to Manado.

Manado, North Sulawesi is popular with its culinary tourism, a variety of unique traditional food has been known in both Indonesia and aboard. The most popular foods in Manado are chilies, fish, and meat. Manadonese food is famous of two things: the Minahasa eat absolutely anything, and the flavor of choice is very, very spicy. Sugar is used little if at all, with flavor added through lemon and herbs.

Well, here are the lists of culinary tourism in Manado:

  • Sambal Dabu Dabu

A spicy condiment made of hallots, peppers, bird’s eye chili, lemon juice, and some diced raw tomatoe. The Fresh and sour tasty, and spicy of course. It is perfect match with smoked fish.
  • Ayam Rica Rica

Ayam rica rice made from chicken and lots of chili that cooked in a thick coconut milk and lime.

  • Woku

Woku is the name of fish and spice mixture that cooked in a clay pot. Because it was cooked in a clay pot for a long time, Woku would have an amazing aroma when it is served warm and make you hungry immediately.

  • Tinutuan

Tinutuan or better known as Manado Porridge. A wet food made from rice, noodles, pumpkin and various vegetables such as corn kernels, spinach, kale, basil, yellow gourd, and gravy. Tinutuan has been the icon of Manado city. It is mostly preferred as a breakfast menu. So, it would be very easy to get this food every morning either it is on a street food stands or even a fancy restaurant. But if you want to taste the best and most original taste of Tinutuan, then you need to try one at Jalan Wakeke.
  • Extreme Culinnary

Manado city is popular for using strange meat on their dish. Such as: snake, pork, dog, bat, rat. You can found these extreme foods in Tomohon city, Kawangkoan village, and Langowan village.

Manado city also has two traditional drink, they are saguer and cap tikus made from palm tree. Just drinks enough as you can, because these both could make drunk.

Here is the recommended culinary list restaurant in Manado city:

  1. Boulevard area on Jalan Piere Tendean.
  2. Wahaha Seafood Restaurant at Kawasan Foodcity Mega Mas, Jalan Bulevard 2 Blok Food City No. 1.
  3. D’Terrace at Mega Mas Beach Area
  4. Raja Sate BBQ & Asian Resto on Jalan Boulevard No. 9
  5. RM Swadaya on Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 374
  6. Wisata Bahari Resto on Jalan Wolter Monginsidi No. 1.
  7. City Extra Restaurant on Jalan Raya Tanawangko, Kalasey Village.
  8. Nasi Kuning Saroja in Jalan Diponegoro No. 9.
  9. Wakeke Area on Jalan Wakeke
  10. Raja Oci Restaurant on Jalan Sudirman No.85
  11. Green Garden Restaurant on Jalan Dr Sam Ratulangi 52

Wonderful places in Manado…

Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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