MANADO, – It had no activity in the last few years, Ceramics Production Training Center in Pulutan Village, Remboken District is existed again. Manager of Ceramic Training Center Neki Wungkar admitted the activity of ceramic training has stopped since 2015 ago.

It has be very influential on the number of tourist of foreign and local. Because, tourists come just to see how the process of making ceramics with soul-based.

According to Neki, almost all villagers are know how to make ceramics, but only manual. But, at the training center people are trained how to make ceramics using machines.

It could be have influential on increasing the production of craftsmen and of course income sector will also go up and increase.

In addition, the results of each ceramic in Pulutan is by an order from costumer. However, there are some are sold in local market by craftsmen.

“The price of ceramics from Rp 10.000 to Rp 100.000. It depends on buyers financial,” he concluded.

Editor: Ronny Adolof Buol

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