ZONAUTARA.com – Banada is a village that located in northern of Karakelang Island, Talaud district. The administrative area included in Gemeh sub-district.  The road is so difficult to access. You have to through the sand of the beach for miles, cross two rivers with a raft, rocky road and perforated with climbing and descending, through bush and inhabitant farm. If rain comes the road would be mud.

Consider many people, the society of Bannada still hold the mystical science such as communicating with others by supernatural media. So the visitors will go Bannada always in warning to be careful. However, when we visited this village, the people welcome us so friendly.

“In several ways we still maintain the custom rule, we are forbid the despicable acts just like stealing, there are customary sanctions would be applied”.  Said Julianus Yoro as Customary Officials, also as a 11th descendent of Porodisa King.

Bannada village has customary law obeyed by inhabitants and also the visitors. Do not violating the norms, drunk, make trouble, and others violating norm. Supposedly, who is wants to go to Bannada with bad motive will not find the location of Bannada.

Julianus said: “The customary law has to obey because it makes the society always act kindly, and to makes the character of society being good. So we do not need a police”.

Bannada is believed as an oldest village in Talaud where the Kingdom of Porodisa began. Porodisa Kingdom was begin at 10th century, when the first human in Talaud who live in Bannada.

She is a beautiful woman who lived on the mountain about five kilometers from the village, she lived alone. One day she hears voice mentioning about the land that she lived will be given to her and her descendants, and also a partner for her, but she have to face the southern. And then she sees the gold fish transformed into a man. From there believed the Porodisa Kingdom begin. Some royal relicts still stored until now. They include: tableware, king’s jewelry, porcelain, adoration items, and the other items.

Julianus and the others traditional elders keep the items placed only at the village office, because in Bannada have not a museum to keep it. Many collectors are come in Bannada to buy the royal relicts, but the custom elders do not give it to them.

The people in Bannada live simply, only a few houses have electricity. Some people in this village still believed in mystical things, but the religious activities still go on.

Porodisa Kingdom consist four areas, such as Malat, Bannada, pan, and Lahu. Each region led by Ratumbanua (leader term). And also four ethnic, such as Tal’au, Laetu, Yoro and Woe, this ethnic led by chieftain. And Bannada be kingdom center.

They always make gathering that attended all the people of Porodisa Kingdom. And from that the children can get the education about their culture. This meeting is also to help the Government programs. The government program must be through the customary first, and then proceed to the community.

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