Five Jumpers Landed On the Sea

Penulis: Reporter ZonaUtara

MANADO, – The first sortie in Friday morning had mistaken landed because of the strong wind on the air. Five days of Manado International Open Parachuting Championship (20 Oct 2017) startled the people in Marina Plaza area.

Jumping start on 06.30 using a CN 295 / A.2905 aircraft by Major Pilot (Pnb) Fatir.

It is five jumpers are from West Kalimantan, Kopasus, and PTP AST, were landed on the sea. While they jumping the wind being strong and the effect is landed on the sea.

Luckily, they had not injured. Only one jumper that has to hospital handling, but he getting fast recovery.

According to Sunarto as a Safety Office, the strong wind on the air is make this incident happened.

Translate from Zona Utara.


Writer: Tesa Senduk

Editor: Eva Aruperes

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