Junior Athlete from Malaysia Cannot Continue The Championship

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Manado International Open Parachuting on 16-22 October 2017, is world class championship would attract international athletes from four countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Australia) in order to compete for prize trophies and medals.

On Friday, 20 October 2017, a reporter from Zona Utara had interview exclusively the Malaysia Team. Malaysia has six athletes and two as official. They are Rosan Bin Mat Yusop, Kasim Bin Drahim, Mohd Shamsul, Peter Bin Johny, Mazlan Bin Satar are senior athletes, and Moh Nor Feirkhan is a junior athlete.

But Moh cannot any longer followed this championship. The committee assume that he is not had qualify, so he just doing observation. It is because of the second day, Moh had landed on the roof.

Mohd Shamsul said, “Our junior athlete cannot any longer to continue this championship, for his safety”.

An athlete from Malaysia said this championship goes well, but the landed area does not suitable for junior jumper because it is surrounded by the building and sea, and it is so danger.

“We are proud of this championship, moreover this championship allowed for junior jumper. But I think the pit (landed point) are risky for junior. The area landed are surrounded by the building and sea,” said Shamsul.

They also mention about Manado City. The people are so friendly and good look. “I love Manado City, the beautiful view, people are so friendly, and especially having a good look,” Said Sahmsul.


Writer: Tesa Senduk

Editor: Eva Aruperes




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