November Special Menu in Swiss-Belhotel Maleosan Manado

MANADO, – Swiss-Belhotel Maleosan Manado had special menu in every month. This November Swiss-Belhotel has a special menu, such as Steamed Fish served with Steamed Rice and Ginger Sauce, Strawberry Mirror Cake, and Green Smoothies.

Steamed Fish with Steamed Rice and Ginger Sauce are cooked by Chef Eka. He said that he has a method while cook those.

“In General cook method of Steamed Fish, the fish only being steamed, but in my cook method, I had to grill the fish before steamed. So, the fish’s grill and steamed aroma would be a nice tasted,” said Chef Eka

Steamed fish being perfect served with dabu-dabu sauce and rice. All of them being complete in Swiss-Belhotel’s restaurant on the second floor.

The soft tasty of the fish, made from grouper fish mixed with seasoning. There is also Strawberry Mirror Cake as a special desert in November. You can get it in Swiss Deli on first floor.

Swiss-Belhotel’s Restaurant also served Green Smoothies as a fresh drink, can also said a healthy drink because it made from banana, kurma, spinach, cucumber, and parsley. It is great taste for sure.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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