Pia Saronde, Special Snack From Gorontalo

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Pia Saronde is a special snack from Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. You have to taste this delicious cake when you are visiting this area. The shop is located in Jalan Sultan Botutihe 29 Gorontalo City, named Pia Saronde.

Redaction of Zona Utara was do journalist trip to Gorontalo Province. In the last day, we went to Pia Gorontalo’s shop to buy this delicious snack and bring to Manado city. It is had been produced since 2009. There are several variants of flavors available, Pia Cheese, Pia Coklat, Pia Durian, and Pia Susu.

Rizki Ahmad, an employee at Pia Saronde, reveals that the secret of delicacy are in the choice of the best ingredients and be processed by good hands.

“Pia Saronde have not use a preservatives and artificial sweeteners. The ingredients are from the original blend, not pasta or flavor, “said Rizki.

Pia Saronde has received Award of Produktivitas Paramakarya in 2015 from President Joko Widodo.

Cian Setiawati, Manager of Pia Saronde, revealed, every day they can produce 8000 cakes. The amount is equal to 800 boxes of cake.

Based on the information, the name Saronde is taken from the name of a very beautiful island in Gorontalo Province. Saronde Island is called as the hidden paradise. In addition, Saronde is also the name of traditional dance of Gorontalo when welcoming special guests.


Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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