Descendants of The Redhead

MANADO, – Rizal Umbola looks so happy to have a descendant of red hair that is also happened on his son. Understandably, Sainah Mokoginta is a Bilalang Village women who was born with a red hair condition. In Bilalang, administratively divided into Kotamobagu City and Bolaang Mongondow Region, that has been known as a red hair descendant.

It is common to have one or two family members who are born red hair. Many of these redheads have a lighter skin tone than the black-haired of Bilalang people.

“According the stories of the old people, Bilalang is a descendant of the Portuguese that be married with the citizens here. Not all family members are born with red hair condition. My wife has a red hair. My red-haired children is only one,” he said to Zona Utara when did a journalist trip to Kotamobagu City, November 27, 2017.

Saipah Pobela, a red-haired of Bilalang Dua, said that in his family, a child born with red hair is only one of three siblings.

“From the three children, only the eldest are redheaded,” said Saipah.

Sartina Mokoginta was also born with a red hair condition. According to her, the usual body part that have hair, from foot to head, they all are red.

“But if the gray hair is still white color,” said Sartina while throwing a smile.

Sartina says, it’s easy to tell which red hairs are genuine and which red hairs made by beauty shop.

“Look at his eyebrows. If the original redhead hair feathers must also be red,” she explained.

Ramjan P Mokoginta, another Bilalang resident, explains that people born with red hair condition in Bilalang are very different from albino.

“If albino, his eyes is not focus. The hair is also brownish-brown. But in Bilalang, hair color maroon red. The skin is also on average brighter than others. Then pupils eyes is not black. But somewhat vague,” said Ramjan.

According to the man who is a Head of Horticultural Crops and Plantation of Agriculture and Fishery Department of Kotamobagu City, as far as he knows, there has been no scientific research to find out the genetic reason about the red hair disorder.

“Red hair is only in Bilalang. Not anywhere else. And they are not albino,” he said.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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