Sangihe Natural Charms From Panenteng Hills

Penulis: Tessa Senduk

MANADO, – Nature always comes with its own charms. In fact, wherever footrest as an aesthetic connoisseur is treading, nature always has its own secrets of presenting elegance.

That’s roughly what the beauty secrets can express to. The border area of ​​Indonesia-Philippines, namely Sangihe Islands District, there is an interesting place if you want to hunt the sunset.

The place was named Panenteng Hills. This nature tourism is located in the height of four villages in District of North Tabukan, namely Lenganeng Village, Tarolang, Tola and Bowongkulu Village. The Name Panenteng itself comes from the eruption of Mount Awu dozens years ago.

Based on the story of community, when Mount Awu raged fire spread to the high area around the mount. Thus, from this accident there are names that perpetuate the tragedy of eruption, such as Panenteng from the word Limente which means creeping, or the propagation of fire from the mount eruption.

Current time, Panenteng is better known as new tourist destinations. The cool air, lined with coffee shop stalls serving its own appeal. However, the best here is the treats of Tahuna City arches and the beauty of its dusk.

No wonder why Panenteng never deserted every afternoon. People with different backgrounds come to enjoy the beauty of sunset at the hill.

Dys Salamate (42) is one of the many sunset hunters or known as sunset photographer.

According to him Panenteng Hills present a new treat for photography lovers. He himself has created dozens of sunset photos in this place and never geting bored.

“Because, there are many interesting photo spots that show different treats every day,” he said.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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