Jamboree and Exhibition of National Conservation Nature 2018 Held in Bitung City

BITUNG, – Indonesia commemorates the National Nature  Conservation Day (HKAN) through the event of Jamboree and Exhibition of National Conservation Nature that held in Batuputih  National Park, Tangkoko, Bitung City, North Sulawesi Province on  28-30 August 2018.

HKAN celebration entitled “Harmonization of Nature and Culture” is followed by 37 conservation elements across Indonesia, including National Parks, Natural Resources Conservation Centers and Non-Government Institutions that exhibit their own products.

At the day of Opening Ceremony, on Tuesday (28/8/2018) the Secretary of Bitung City Audy Pangemanan said, that the Government and also all the people of Bitung City are proud could be the host, and so welcome to all Jamboree and Exhibitions participants.
Embedding the participant sign of 2018 National Conservation Jamboree. (Foto: Rarung)

It is the first time HKAN celebration held out from Java Island.

“Through this event the preservation of nature and its sustainability will always be supported and become a legacy for next generations. Also could be a place to share knowledge and experience becomes a spirit and provision to conducting nature conservation efforts,” Pangemanan said.

In order to security support, Bitung City Police Resort deployed hundreds personnel. As explained by Bitung Deputy Police Chief, Commissioner Adi Saptia Sudirna, who was accompanied by the Head of Ops, Kompol M Makfud, when met by at the location of HKAN.

“We really all out in guarded the security of this national scale events. We deployed 140 members until the last day,” said Sudirna.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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