After kills Its caretaker, Crocodile evacuated to Its truly nature
ANGKUT | Buaya dengan panjang 4,4 meter itu berhasil diangkut ke atas mobil dan dibawa ke lokasi konservasi. – A tense atmosphere occurred at crocodile cage in the area of ​​Mutiara cultivation company in Ranowangko Village, Tanawangko District, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, on Monday (14/1/2019).

Officers from the Tasikoki Animal Rescue Center (PPS) evacuated the crocodile measuring 4.4 meters long and 90 centimeters wide.

Previously, the crocodile named Merry had killed the Head of Laboratory CV. Yosiki, Deasy Tuwo (44), on Friday (11/1). Deasy was found dead in an incomplete body condition. She is a caretaker of Merry for years, but had pounced tragically by this giant crocodile.

The North Sulawesi Conservation and Natural Resources Agency (BKSDA) must confiscate the crocodile because its ownership is not licensed.

The owner of a crocodile that kept in a cage measuring about 15 meters long cannot be visited.

“This crocodile was evacuated in order to be did not endanger other people anymore,” said Secretary of North Sulawesi BKSDA Hendrik Rundengan.

Residents was gathered at the evacuation location felt tense while see Tasikoki PPS officers trying to conquer the giant reptile.

It took several hours until the crocodile was subdued and safe to evacuate.

Some PPS Tasikoki officers initially tried to tie the mouth of a crocodile. Feeling threatened, the crocodile rebelled and tried to fight.

In expertise, crocodiles can be conquered took dozens of people to lift crocodile from the cage pool.

Cages made from concrete fences must be broken down so that crocodile can be moved to the car.

The evacuation lasted for around three hours was also assisted by TNI and police officers.

“Not just evacuating, we must be careful and understand well how we should treat a wildlife,” said rescuer of PPS Tasikoki, Noldy.

PPS Manager Tasikoki Billy Lolowang explained that wild animals should not be maintained.

After being evacuated, the crocodile will be taken to a conservation location in a partner of North Sulawesi BKSDA.

Editor: Ronny Adolof Buol

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