MANADO, – For adventure sports buff, climbing Mount Piapi can be an exciting choice of terrain. The altitudes reaching approximately 864 meters above sea level, Piapi presents the challenges of steep incline and descent.

Mount Piapi is located in Pulutan District, Talaud Archipelago Regency that’s still sacred by the people living around, so that it has several cultural attractions.

Intrigued by its existence, Zona Utara formed a climbing team, included, Aktris Gedoan, Agustinus Maatuil, Suradny Maparipe, Noldy Tinggal, Efraim Majore, Jefferson Lahope, Rahadih Gedoan, Albry Patilima, and Vicking Kaligis.

Pilipus Gumolung a local traditional leader gave his blessing to our climb.

“That is the place of the ancestors. Do not be afraid. Just as long as you don’t do uncommendable things,” he said.

The journey starts from the climbing starting point at Melam on Friday (12/28/2018). The journey to Melam is reached by a four-wheeled vehicle in about 5 minutes. The cool weather of the mountain grabbed our faces upon arriving at that place.

Sunny weather at that time also seemed to give blessing for team. Whereas, for several days before, the weather was deteriorating. Heavy rain always rages accompanied by strong winds.

Melam has a long story about a large Chinese dragon snake that died at the hands of Piapi residents. The carcass of the snake becomes a rock and now its known as Puang Katoan. His gallbladder broke out and formed a puddle rthat never dry, which is known as Melam.

The climbing track is difficult to deal with in first hour. In addition to steep roads that often have to be done by crawling, the obstacles of bushes also make it difficult to climb. Complete with sweaty bodies we could arrived at Pananasaranna.

This place is Manatta and Dalorosa’s home. This couple had kill the dragon snake that now becomes petrified at the foot of Mount Piapi. The husband and wife’s residence is marked by a litle forest. There have been three fires in Piapi, butPananasaranna has not caught fire.

After take a break, the journey continues. Piapi paddy is increasingly found to thrive in rocky soil and even though Piapi gets several fire accidents.

Arriving at the top, all the climbing efforts have been paid off. Vast expanse view of the sea is beautiful and the strong wind removes all tired.

At this peak, there are three Batu Buaya (crocodile stone) where certain people get mystical powers.

On the downward lane which is very steep and very draining the rest of energy will through the Ngara Pitu (seven doors). It had become a defense when the dragon snake raging.

30 minutes later team arrived at a place called Tanah Merah. Not far from this location there is Bidadari Waterfall. Climbers usually like to stop for washing themselves there.

The return trip from Tanah Merah to Pulutan can take an hour. Exhausted energy greatly slowed down the foot to reach Pulutan village.

Jefferson, who is a member of nature lovers at a college in Manado city had expressed his curious.

“I Wonder of the mount that is not too high make so exhausting,” Jefferson said while arriving at Pulutan.

Pulutan, after the division was divided into three villages. That are North Pulutan, Pulutan, and South Pulutan. Based on the data from Pulutan District office, the population in 2018 of North Pulutan is 420 people, Pulutan is 618 people, and South Pulutan is 424 people.

Indonesian edition: Menelusuri jejak kisah ular naga di Gunung Piapi

Editor: Ronny Adolof Buol

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