Christmas, Not Just About Foods And Drinks

MANADO, – Christmas is getting closer. All Christians are so enthusiastic to welcome the christmas day.

Jimmy Togelang, a bailiff of Manado District Court said, the most important thing at Christmas is the readiness of the heart, not just about food and drinks. So, in welcoming Christmas, it must begin with the simplicity of life and accept what it is.

“Start a new day, leave the old bad things and prepare to change yourself better. And most importantly, how we devote for the nation and the country according to our respective jobs,” Jimmy said.

He hopes, peace and joy of Christmas not just a slogan. But how do we interpret this moment through real changes. Among them work in accordance with Jesus Christ.

“We do not work alone. If we have a mistake then we naturally rebuked. Just like the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are rebuked if did wrong. And for the leadership can also forgive, and change to make improvements together for the better future,” he said.

On the last day of work in the office, the staff at Manado District Court were busy arrange the files and documents.

But some employees admit, they have prepared for Christmas, especially about the readiness of heart in welcoming the day of Jesus Christ.

Judge in Manado District Court Denny Tulangouw, told to reporter of Zona Utara said, Christmas is a special day. And on this special day, the most important thing is to celebrate with the family.

“Celebrating Christmas must believe in faith and exercise that faith. Certainly in this moment we must find the wisdom that can impact on our daily lives for be better,” he said.

About work, said Denny, at this Christmas moment is no less important is self-introspection and so can be work more responsible.

“In essence, we must get closer to the Almighty,” he added.

Meanwhile, an Industrial Relations Court Judge in Manado District Court, Sarinah Marhaeni Bakari, hopes there is peace in our heart at this Christmas moment. So that it can affect the preservation of harmony among all the religious.

“Christmas should be bring peace to the heart and indirectly bring peace on earth,” said Marhaeni.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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