MANADO, – The concurrent election of Regional Head in North Sulawesi is very interesting. Because there are five women who participated in the fight to seize the people vote.

In North Sulawesi, there are six regions that will do regional head election, they are Talaud Regency, Sitaro Regency, Kotamobagu City, North Bolaang Mongondow Regency, Minahasa Regency and Southeast Minahasa Regency.

In Talaud, Sri Wahyumi Manalip progresses back to fight through the individual path. In the last few days she has become a concern, because of being disabled by the Minister of Home Affairs from his position as Regent, because she went abroad without permission.

Sri paired with Gunawan Talanggoran to compete with 3 pairs in Talaud.

In addition to Sri, there is Clartje Silvia Awulle who advanced in the second-board position (vice regent candidate) paired with Handri Piter Poae also from the individual path.

From Sitaro, the wife of the Regent Tonny Supit, Evangelian Sasingen advanced on the one-board position (regent candidate) pairs with John Palandung. Eva has accompanied her husband who served two periods in Sitaro Regent.  Eva-John couple will compete with 3 pairs of other candidates.

Eva who carried PDI-P Party will be fight with fellow women, Siska Salindeho who is also on one-board paired with Gernimus Makainas. Salindeho – Makainas advancing through individual path.

“We are supported by thousands residents of Sitaro,” Siska said while did medical checkup in Manado, on Sunday (14/1/2018)

Siska is Sitaro’s current Vice Regent. She accompanied Tonny Supit who is Eva’s husband.

Another woman is Tatong Bara advanced on a one-board pairs with Nayodo Koerniawan. She is a mayor of Kotamobagu City. Theese couple is supported by PAN Party, Golkar, PDI-P, Democrat, Gerindra, PKB, PKS, and Nasdem.

In North Sulawesi, many women are choosen to be a regional heads. South Minahasa Region, led by Tetty Paruntu. This beautiful regent also became Chairman of DPD Golkar party of North Sulawesi.

Then there is Vonnie Panambunan, a formidable female figure who became the Regent of North Minahasa. In addition there is Yasti Mokoagow who became Regent of Bolaang Mongondow at this current time.

Will they progress in 2018 elections will increase the number of women in the ranks of regional heads in North Sulawesi? It is so interesting to wait for.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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