MANADO, – National Anti-Narcotics Agency of North Sulawesi or Badan Narkotika Nasional Provinsi (BNNP) had arrested MA aka Memed on Thursday (11/1/2018). He was arrested for cultivating a marijuana plant at his residence, located at Sam Ratulangi Road No. 62, RT 002 RS 003, Limba U-2 Sub-District, South Kota District, Gorontalo City, Indonesia.

Memed revealed that his cannabis plant was not for sale but for him consumption. Seeds are ordered from the UK via online.

“I pay it per seed. The price is varies between US $ 18 to US $ 20,” said Memed, on Monday (15/1/2018).

Before being arrested, he had already ordered seeds that delivery through Surabaya. However, the seeds are ordered at the first time, only one tree is work out. And second order delivery via Manado. This second time makes Memed being arrested.

Memed said, he planted the marijuana in bathroom using Hydroponic technique so that not to be known by others.

“I studied this Hydroponic planting system through the internet. And I learnt it only in one month,” he explained.

For equipping the supporting plant with Hidroponic system, Memed willing to reach quite a lot of funds, which is about Rp 10 million. While caring the crops, he hopes in the harvest he would be picked and worn just the flower, and the other part will be thrown away.

Unfortunately, before taste his harvest of cannabis plants, he triggered arrested BNNP North Sulawesi.

In his house also secured evidence in the form of Narcotics Group I of marijuana type plants about 220.61 grams and two cannabis trees.

In addition to the Narcotics evidence, BNNP also secures white paper wrapping, which reads Sealed Air, Ozone maker brand Hanako, digital temperature, PH 8 TDS Monitor brand Aquarium, PH Down botil, AQ water bottle AWARNA Bening, bottle of liquid fertilizer in maroon color, RO water machine, fan branded Regency Tornado Fun, Smartphone Vivo 171 U.

In addition, also secured two bottles of green liquid fertilizer, seven LED lights, and 14 pieces sized 1 inch.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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