Prewedding, A Beautiful Woman Wears Hijab Become Photo Object to Chinese Tourist

MANADO, – Prewedding seems become a necessity for couples who want to establish marriage. But what happens if the couple who want to take pictures prewedding, rather than capture by the photographer, but also by tourists.

That is happened at Ban Hin Kiong Temple Manado. Where, Rima Meilina Purwanti with Kiki Trisman, this couple is residents from Airmadidi was holding a photo session in this temple.

At the same time, there is a group of Chinese tourists whose come touring in this oldest temple in Manado City.

Rima explained, the group of Chinese tourists while take off the bus into the temple with a tour guide. Lapse about 15 minutes, the tourists have a look to her and her boyfriend while taking prewedding photos session.

“At first Kiki and I were having a photo session, maybe because they saw me wear hijab and someone was photographing us, they be interested to take our picture also,” said Rima.

According to Rima, there are about seven tourists who ask permission had capture us.

“I am so surprised, even so laughed see the Chinese tourists want to take our picture. Finally, me and my boyfriend can only surrender and smiling-shy to their camera, “said this beautiful girl.

After capture this couple, some of the tourists are also asking for have a picture together.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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