15th Anniversary Celebration of Tomohon City Had Themed Minahasa Culture

MANADO, – 15th Anniversary Celebration of Tomohon City held on Monday (29/1/2018), begun with flag ceremony Wale Kabasaran field. This year celebration have nuances of Minahasa customs.

Tomohon Mayor Jimmy Feidie Eman as Inspector Ceremony, and all the oficials  of the Tomohon Government were wear Minahasa traditional clothes.

In fact, Head of Transportation Department, Steven Waworuntu as ceremonial leader wears Kabasaran outfits complete with the attributes, such as a sword.

Eman when interviewed after the ceremony, said, reason of wear this Traditional costumes in order to preservation Minahasa culture.

“We use traditional clothes because this culture needs to be highlighted,” said Eman.

According to him, we also have a plan to wear traditional costume in government activity.

“We are planning whether Thursday or Wednesday we will wear traditional custom. And not only in the government, also encourage the private sector to use this traditional custom. We will surge the preservation of this culture,” he concluded.

Previously, in memorandum of the ceremony, Eman expected this anniversary could be a joy that will further incite the community’s determination to hard work, smart work and thorough work, cooperation and sincere work in order to make better this Tomohon City.

“At the age of 15, let us make Tomohon be a city full of grace and safe. Harmony between the religious, and we have to raise the line to strengthen Tomohon City,” said Eman.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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