Al Muttaqim, the First Mosque in Manado CIty

Penulis: Tessa Senduk

MANADO, – Al Muttaqim Mosque located in Wenang District, known as Pondol Mosque is the oldest or the first mosque in Manado City.

Hi Mohammad Albukhari as an Imam in Masjid Al Muttaqim said what people say is that the first mosque in Manado is true. Begin the presence of fishermen who came from Tidore Island and Makian Island, which is under the authority of Ternate Sultanate, Sultan Baabulah as a leader at the time.

“Around the 1600s, Son of Sultan Baabullah instructed his Mubaliqh to go and preach,” said Albukhari.

The Mubaliqh who is also the fishermen from the island of Tidore and Makian decided to go preach. But group from Tidore did not go to Manadao. They stopped in Tahuna, and made settlements and known as Kampung Tidore.

“Well the group from Makian Island arrived in Manado City. Because they are fishermen, then they see this place is very nice because it has a large coral reef, then they anchored here,” said Albukhari.

This area called Pondol, because the inhabitants are ethnic Bantik. And because the Mubaliqh Makian is good, so they can live peacefully with each other.

“In 1750, they established a small mosque called Al Muttaqim which means people who piety,” he explained.

But according to him at that time, the location of the mosque is on seashore. Later in 1700s, the mosque then moved to this place, due to the influence of abrasion.

In 1800, Sultan Hamengkubuwono V was exiled by the Dutch to this area. At that time the early inhabitants, including migrants from Makian Island had moved. Finally, the Dutch placed Sultan Hamengkubuwono V with his followers in this Pondol area.

His followers, called Abdi Dalem, were placed in a location adjacent to the Al Muttaqim Mosque, which is now known as the side path of Gramedia.

“It was formerly named Pondol Keraton Abdi Dalem,” said Albukhari.

While in this mosque location named Pondol Raden Mas because had live the children of Sultan Hamengkubuwono V.

“My mother is the fourth descent of Jaya Dininggrat, who is a descendant of the Sultan,” Added Albukhari.

This Al Mutaqim Mosque although only measuring 13 × 14 meters, with two floor, and every year visited by the Sultanate of Hamengkubuwono.

“The sultanate will visit this mosque. They have contacted me,” concluded Albukhari.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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