99 Percent Population In Kotamenara Live From Captikus

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MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Approximately 99 percent population in Kotamenara, lives from agricultural produce. They tap palm tree juice to be processed become traditional drinks Captikus in varying levels of alcohol. In addition to processed Captikus, the community also make palm tree become Red Sugar.

Head of Kotamenara Village Joyke Sondakh said to Zona Utara journalists at his home on Friday (16/2/2018), that it is the main income of people in Kotamenara.

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“The people here rely in Captikus and the Red Sugar income to finance their daily lives, send their children to school and the other needs. Products are sold to the public market,” said Joyke.

They are sell Captikus to stalls and factory that requires basic ingredients of alcoholic beverages. Each farmer can produce about 200 liters Captikus in a week.

“You can imagine how the fate of society when Captikus increasingly prohibited. People in Kotamenara would behave difficult because over the years people rely their life to palm tree,” he said.

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According to him, Kotamenara needs attention from Government to create a better market for sale Captikus and Sugar Red. There was a company from Tomohon City that wanted buy Kotamanara’s Red Sugar, but unfortunately the price offered was so low and nobody wanted to.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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