Kotamenara Village Has Three Types of Rain

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MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Kotamenara is a beautiful village name located in the East Amurang Distric, South Minahasa Regency that keeps many interesting stories to be traced. First settlements of Kotamenara Village are at the foot of Soputan Mount, it called Lekuan Village.

Lekuan’s people come from the migration or tumani from Kanonang that founded in 1868 by Head Village Kela Kimbal and Tonaas Kellan Pantow. Only a few years since the village was inhabited, a strange incident occurred. There is a very large python in Lekuan Village, and then python was killed and make a delicious meat.

Unexpectedly, since that time there was a pestilence attack, make people die up to five people every day. Due to the terrible attack of this disease, Head of Pakasaan Tompaso Major Lolombulan Sondakh gives instruction to leave the village. In 1882 all the residents left the Village Lekuan but a determination that one day their children and grandchildren will re-inhabit Lekuan.

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Based on the communities request to Government of Indonesia on 20 April 1954 a new village was established in the Lekuan region. The village is called Kotamenara which is an acronym of ‘Kanonang Oleh Tolongan Allah Mendapat Negeri Alasan Rakyat Asli’.

In 1982 there was a great natural disaster, Soputan volcano erupted. The village of Kotamenara under the foot of the volcanic mountain is affected. Joyke Sondakh, Head of Kotamenara, said that at that time he was eight years old.

“Kotamenara is a place that has experienced three types of rain at once, namely water rain, sand rain, and dust rain dust. At that time I remember that I was learn in class. Suddenly there was a very loud explosion. People scattered outside the classroom. Looks like a big black pole coming out of the mountain’s mouth. Apparently Soputan volcano erupted,” said Joyke to Zona Utara journalist, Friday (16/2/2018).

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After that, all residents of Kotamenara be evacuated. In the location of the abandoned village that can be found a landmark stone of the establishment village that is still sacred by local people.

“The houses in Kotamenara Village are built by the Government. People have same house previously but now it seems different because they can build they own home,” he explained.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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