Struggling in Pentu River Streams to Support Family Needs

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MANADO, – In order to help his family’s economy, especially to support his brother’s education, Michael Buyung (29) from Pinaling village, East Amurang District, South Minahasa Regency, struggling with the swift stream of  Pentu River which is about one kilometer from village. His work is to collect sand from the bottom of the river.

“Every day from morning to evening I must soak in the middle of the river, to dredge and lift the sand from this river,” said Buyung to Zona Utara journalist.

According to Buyung, the daily yield of sand can reach four to five cubic meters. He did not find any difficulty to sell that sand because there are cars that come to buy sand that he and his colleagues collected every day.

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The sand he collects is also commonly purchased at a price of Rp. 300.000 per truck car. The reason to pursue the profession as a river sand mining is solely to sustain the family economy and help his brother’s  education.

“I have two sisters are married and a younger brother who still in Junior High School, “said Buyung who claimed have been in this profession for about two years.

It becomes his responsibility to satisfy his family’s needs.

“I have not bad experienced in running this profession, although it must withstand the cold,” said Buyung.

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The big difficulty that he often face is related to the weather, especially if rainy season, so the river is be so swiftly and he has to wait for the river being subside.

The river of sand mining by Buyung and his colleagues are only about half a meter deep, with a width about 20 meters.

“Although the river is fairly shallow, but when mining the sand I have to remain vigilant, in anticipation of the flow of river water that can change any time, especially to keep the burst of water shipment that usually carry large wooden sticks,” added Buyung.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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