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Struggling in Pentu River Streams to Support Family Needs



Michael Buyung is a sand miners in Pentu river (Foto: Kaligis)

MANADO, – In order to help his family’s economy, especially to support his brother’s education, Michael Buyung (29) from Pinaling village, East Amurang District, South Minahasa Regency, struggling with the swift stream of  Pentu River which is about one kilometer from village. His work is to collect sand from the bottom of the river.

“Every day from morning to evening I must soak in the middle of the river, to dredge and lift the sand from this river,” said Buyung to Zona Utara journalist.

According to Buyung, the daily yield of sand can reach four to five cubic meters. He did not find any difficulty to sell that sand because there are cars that come to buy sand that he and his colleagues collected every day.

The sand he collects is also commonly purchased at a price of Rp. 300.000 per truck car. The reason to pursue the profession as a river sand mining is solely to sustain the family economy and help his brother’s  education.

“I have two sisters are married and a younger brother who still in Junior High School, “said Buyung who claimed have been in this profession for about two years.

It becomes his responsibility to satisfy his family’s needs.

“I have not bad experienced in running this profession, although it must withstand the cold,” said Buyung.

The big difficulty that he often face is related to the weather, especially if rainy season, so the river is be so swiftly and he has to wait for the river being subside.

The river of sand mining by Buyung and his colleagues are only about half a meter deep, with a width about 20 meters.

“Although the river is fairly shallow, but when mining the sand I have to remain vigilant, in anticipation of the flow of river water that can change any time, especially to keep the burst of water shipment that usually carry large wooden sticks,” added Buyung.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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Who was the first contracted the corona virus?

According to government data, a 55 years old from Hubei province could be the first person to contact Covid 19 on November 17, 2019.

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ZONAUTARA.COM – The coronavirus or Covid 19 has become a pandemic, as determined by WHO (World Health Organization) The disease had been affected people in more than 100 countries, including Indonesia.

Now, it is focused on handling and preventing the coronavirus. Until this article was written, there were 173,167 people infected worldwide, and 6,664 of them had died.

The originate of this virus is known from Wuhan in Hubei Province, China. Many people say, the coronavirus stems from people who eat bat meat. But who was the first person contracted the coronavirus?

South China Morning Post (SCMP) media tried to trace it by looking at documents owned Chinese Government. The search took them on an important date, November 17, 2019.

At the last days of 2019, Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people were infected, these patients were under medical supervision at several points.

Interviews with whistle blowers from medical community showed that doctor in China just realized that they were facing a completely new disease at the end of December.

Scientists had mapped the pattern of early Covid 19 transmission in central China on January, two months before the outbreak became a global health crisis.

Finding out undetected and undocumented cases are so important to understand how the disease spreads and would be increased scientists’ understanding of the threat size of the coronavirus.

According to government data, a 55 years old from Hubei province could be the first person to contact Covid 19 on November 17, 2019.

From that date onwards, one to five new cases are reported every day. On December 15, total number of infected reached 27 people. The double digit increase in infected people was first reported on December 17 and on December 20. The total number of confirmed cases at that time has reached 60 people.

On December 27, Zhang Jixian, a doctor from Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital in Hubei Province, told that Chinese authorities that the disease was caused by a new coronavirus. On that date, more than 180 people had been infected, even though doctors may not have known all of them at the time.

On the last day of 2019, the number had increased to 266, and on the first day of 2020, the number had reached 381 cases.

Patient zeor

Scientists are wanting to identify who is called the “Patient Zero”. Because that patient can help them to track down the true source of coronavirus. Until this time coronavirus is thought that jump from wild animals to humans, which is very likely from bats.

From the first cases that include nine people had reported in November. They were four men and five women, but no one was confirmed as patient zero. These nine people are aged between 39 and 79 years, but unknown how many of them are from Wuhan, which is believed as the center of the coronavirus spread.

It is possible that the cases arrived earlier but untracked in documents studied by SCMP.

According to WHO website, the first Covid 19 case confirmed in China occurred on December 8, 2019, but the world health organization did not track in detail, just relied the information from its member countries.

Another report published in medical journal The Lancet, written by Chinese doctors from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, which treats some of the earliest patients, said the first known infection was December 1, 2019.

Dr Ai Fen, the first person who opens this information to the public, had told to People magazine in an interview that was later censored. The tests showed a patient at Wuhan Central Hospital was diagnosed on December 16 as an unknown person who infected the coronavirus.

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