The Mystery of Wawehesolang’s Skull in Nusa Tabukan Island

MANADO, – In ancient times the islands of Nusa Tabukan is a gathering place for the brave Sangihe. People used to call Nusa Tabukan as Dalaweng. Overall, the row islands in Nusa Tabukan area called Nusa Kaderotang.

This place is often as a battlefield to dispel the enemy from Mindanao, Philippines. One of them is Wawehesolang, a brave who comes from Nusa Island. The story is known to the public from generation to generation. Wawehesolang is a tough men, he has tremendous strength in boating. Wawehesolang boats to Sangihe Besar Island from Nusa Island only two paddles and immediately arrive at his destination.

One day, there was an incident that changed the relationship of the people of Nusa Tabukan with the Manganese people. There were three people from Manganitu who killed Wawehesolang’s father. The head of Wawehesolang’s father was beheaded and taken to Sangihe Besar, precisely at Manganitu.

Wawehesolang did not know about the news of his father’s death. Upon he arriving at home, his sister told about his father had been murdered by the three Manganitu people and his head was taken to Manganitu.

Not waiting too long, Wawehesolang chased the assassins carrying his father’s head. He finally caught up them at a place that called Belae.

Wawehesolang asked them, “What are you doing?”

“We killed the intrepid Dalaweng Island,” said a killer.

“Can I see the brave man who was you killed?” Wawehesolang asked again.

They were allowed Wawehesolang to board the boat to see the murdered person. And it was true. The human head that was brought was the head of his father.

Wawehesolang holds the killers boat and turns it around until the boat splits in half. Then he killed those people and was left drowned in the sea.

However Wawehesolang let a killer to be still live. His little heart told him that there should be a person who is left safely to go back to Manganitu so that he can tell how Wawehesolang killed the other killers.

The story of Wawehesolang’s can be traced to a place called Batu Rahuluhe. There are five skulls complete with the bones. The people of Nusa Tabukan believed that the skull and bones belonged to the Wawehesolang family so it is called the Wawehesolang Skull.

To get there, it is about 15 minutes walk through the large rocks and plantations of Nusa Island residents.

Zona Utara journalists accompanied by Hatahin Harinda, a Village Police in  Nusa Village, Nusa Tabukan District  visited the place. More or less there are five skulls, the rest of the bones, the former boat, and Wawehesolang’s equipment can be found there.

According to Harinda, the fossil was about 700 years old. Wawehesolang can be identified through the bone of his hand.

“Local people know him as Duhi Pihu or bone spinning If you can see the bone a slightly rotating hand is  Wawehesolang’s bone,” said Harinda.

He said that until this day the people still believe the magical things that happen in that place. In the past, if the people will go out of the village, for example to Manado, they will come here first. They spend a night here believing the ancestors will accompany their journey of life.

Until now, the story of Wawehesolang remains a mystery and a belief that in the place should not mention the name Manganitu. When saying the name of Manganitu while pointing at a person then the person will be overwritten illness or magical things that endanger him/her.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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