A Hope In Two Hard Broom

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Heavy rains make the leaves go down along the road in the compound of Governor official house. It will be clean up by the janitor who wear yellow shirt wrote Manado City Cleanliness Service.

However, in that morning there was a different from a janitor make my toughness as a man had collapsed.

She is Sarlotam Manaredeng. She swept the leaves using two hard broom or sapulidi on a slightly uphill road near Governor official housing. With toothless teeth a strong woman greets with her smile.

“Good morning sir,” said this 64-year-old woman, Thursday (19/4/2018).

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She is never be ashamed of her profession as street sweeper that she do for 13 years. She admited that always grateful for the grace of Almighty God.

“No matter it is rain or heat, I am grateful for this job as a janitor,” she said.

Sarlotam admits she always work with her full spirit, it all just for her family, especially her beloved orphan grandchild named Juen Waworanda.

She have to wake up at four thirty in the morning and head to her area work.

“My husband is no longer working, he just help me sweep. My area woking is not only in governor’s complex, but in all Wenang District areas. My schedule at 05.00 until 09.00 am, then continued at 02.00 until 05.00 pm, “said the woman born in Manado.

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Sarlotam said that before becoming a janitor, she was a laundry at Teling-Tingkulu complex.

She be grateful for being able for her income Rp3 million per month as a janitor. Later, Sarlotam hopes, her hard worked can be a blessing for her family.

“I hope my grandchildren can see us in old-age,” said Sarlotam.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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