MANADO, – North Sulawesi Home Language held a socialization of Priority to Use State Language in Public Room of North Sulawesi Province. It had held at Whize Prime Hotel Megamas Manado, Wednesday (25/4/2018), had aims to foster a positive attitude prioritizing to use state language in public room of North Sulawesi.

Provincial Government represented by Head of Government Bureau and Public Relations Jemmy Kumendong, while being a speaker convey the importance naming by using Indonesian Language in public space.

“This refers to Law Number 24 of 2009, particularly in paragraph 3 which emphasizes that Indonesian Language must be used for buildings, roads, apartments or settlements, offices, commercial complexes, trademarks, business establishments, educational institutions, an organization founded or owned by an Indonesian citizen or legal entity,” said Jemmy.

The statement, he added, of course affirms the use of foreign languages ​​is increasingly prevalent among the public spaces that are slowly eroded the Indonesian language.

“Usage of foreign languages ​ is actually not separated from the view of some people consider that foreign languages ​​have higher prestige than Indonesian,” he said.

He also reminded about social media role against the use of language and invites media to become a unifying nation.

“Because Indonesian Language is a national language that serves as a unifying tool of nation,” he said.

Also attending the socialization, include the Head of Language Home of North Sulawesi Supriyanto Widodo, representatives of teachers, and representatives of the relevant Regional Apparatus Organizations.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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