Losnito Becomes A Winner In The 2018 Unima Economic Olympics

MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – SMA Lokon St Nikolaus Tomohon (Losnito) succeeded be a winner in Economy Olympics of SMA / SMK in North Sulawesi that held by Faculty of Economics, Manado State University, on Friday (4/27/2018).

Theme of ‘Let’s Learn an Economy of Independent, Innovative and Competitive’. Losnito had  eliminate 18 teams from 15 schools that participating in this olympics. Where, for the 2nd place achieved SMA Negeri 9 BINSUS Manado and SMA Eben Haezer Manado as the 3rd winner.

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Vice Rector for Student Affairs Siska Kairupan said the event is very prestigious and will produce a superior generation for nation which will be able to speak in local and of course national level.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Economics Faculty Ventje A Senduk said that the Olympics had held to celebrate Dies Natalis of Faculty of Economics, and also to commemorate National Education Day.

In this Olympics, technical assessment refers to written tests and quiz about the macro and micro economic issues, as well as the current economic development in Indonesia.

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“Thanks to all those had supported this Economic Olympics,” said Committee Chairman Donal Rondonuwu accompanied with Committee Secretary Ch Allen Manongko.

Juries are Hendri Tamboto, Natalie Rumagit, Jerry Wuisang, Donal Rondonuwu and Ch Allen Manongko.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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