Suicide Bomb Occurred At Three Churches In Surabaya

Penulis: Tessa Senduk

MANADO, – The suicide bombing occurred at three points in Surabaya, East Java, Sunday morning, May 13, 2018, at 7.30 am. Three locations targeted were churches.

The first location takes place in the Church of Santa Maria Tak Bercela at Ngagel Street, Gubeng District. Then, the second location takes place in a church on Diponegoro Street, and the third location of a church on  Arjuna Streer.

Currently, the police are still conducting identification in three locations. Head of Police Public Relations of East Java Frans Barung requested to all the citizens do not be incited about the information in social media.

Until now, at 11:45 pm, there are already 8 people killed in this incident. While 38 other victims suffered injuries.

“The latest data, 8 people were killed, 38 were in hospital, there is including police,” Barung said.

The blasted bomb at 3 Churches in Surabaya  make a compact netizen shout out for   #BersatuLawanTerorisme (united against Terrorism).

Tagar  #BersatuLawanTerorisme is skyrocketed in the row of the most popular and has entered the Top 3 Trending Topic in the Twitter.

Tags #surabaya and tagar #KamiTidakTakutTeroris perched in the first and second trending topic.

A few moments after this bomb incident, some social media users share images and videos that display the atmosphere at the location.

Responding to the images and videos in social media, the Police appealed to the public not to spread pictures or videos of the bomb victims. Head of Public Information in Polri Public Relations Brigadir Jenderal Muhammad Iqbal  said that we do not be trap with the aim of terrorists: that makes people feel scared.

“Images on social media (related explosion) stop share. Do not get (us) trapped terrorist goals. The purpose (the terrorists make) we all fear. Show them we not afraid! Do not be part of the perpetrators with spread (picture) terror, “Iqbal said in a Kompas TV interview, Sunday (13/05/2018).

The main step of the police is to prioritize security factors, localize the location, traffic diversion, evacuation the victims, and anticipate other possible bombs.

Not only from the police, Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantara also issued the same instructions to the public.

Here are three appeals issued by Rudiantara:

1. Do not spread / portray victim’s photo in any  media
2. The picture spread such as giving oxygen for the purpose of making fear the community
3. Support and give space for police to work

Spread the photo of the wounds victim and victim’s body is not helpful at all. Instead, it creates fear and adds pain to the families of the abandoned victims.

Editor: Ronny A. Buol

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