MANADO, – North Sulawesi has a lot natural charm that is not less than other provinces in Indonesia. Nature tourism of mountains, lakes, beaches, caves and also waterfalls are all in the northernmost of Sulawesi Island.

One of the beautiful natural tourist attractions in North Sulawesi is Tunan Waterfall located in Talawaan Village, Talawaan District, North Minahasa Regency.

To go to this waterfall would be taken with motorcycle approximately 60 minutes from Manado City and 90 minutes using car.

While arrived at Talawaan Village, there are several direction line to get to this waterfall. Initially down a paved road in approximately five meters with treats of forest and hills. Approaching parking area that approximately one kilometer, the road conditions changed damaged, but still passable by the vehicle both cars and motorcycle.

Tunan waterfall has been managed by North Minahasa Government, so it is mandatory for visitors to pay the entrance fee of Rp. 10,000/per-pax.

Paves along one kilometer neatly arranged will lead us to the location of waterfall.
Pemandangan di sekitar air terjun Tunan, Minahasa Utara. (Foto: Lariwu)

During walk, if lucky you will hear the various birds chirping and even seen some eagles who are circling for prey.

Along the path, you will find some public facilities for visitors, which a toilet and some seats for rest.

Approximately twenty minutes had reach to waterfall location from the entrance area. You will listen to the monotonous sound of the waterfall could make you relaxed.

Tunan waterfall has a height of about 80 meters so you have to be ready for the cool wind blown spray. The condition around the waterfall is still very natural surrounded by lush green vegetation, so that it is perfect to spend the weekend.

Editor : Christo Senduk

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