Naked Corpse Found On A Cliff

MANADO, – Manado city, North Sulawesi province, Indonesian was struck by the corpse discovery hanging on a cliff (28 Oct 2017). The woman naked corpse was hanging on hill 6 meters highest.

Manado city is known as one of the relatively safe cities in Indonesia, the people who really appreciate the tolerant attitude, harmonious, dynamic life, a city that has a slogan Torang Samua Basudara (We are family) thus making the people shocked for corpse discovery in this city.

Woman corpse named Christin Suma (51) who just lives alone in her house and died of being killed by a man who was a thief. The chronology is suspect wants to steal in Christin’s house, while he goes into house directly known by the victim, because that he hit victim using a gas holder make she fainted. The suspect immediately raped the victim and then thrown her on a cliff in front the home.

A suspect named Erwin (22) arrested by the police in Manado (Mapolresta) at the next day.


Author: Tesa Filia Senduk

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