Bahowo Mangrove Park

MANADO, – Bahowo village, Manado city, North Sulawesi province, Indonesia, often called as a Mangrove Fortress in Manado city. Six hectares of land area are grown Mangrove makes Bahowo village as a Mangrove Park. The journey to Bahowo village is about 16 minutes from downtown.

Mangrove in Bahowo is managed by Mangrove Tunas Baru Bahowo Group with Manengkel Solidaritas, and PT Tirta Investama Aqua Airmadidi. And it is funded by Danone Group SA. This mangrove park divided into: education and research zone, protection zone, rehabilitation zone, and seed zone.

Bahowo becomes an ecotourism area in North Sulawesi. So, in this current time the Government is concern to support the Bahowo Mangrove Park. This Mangrove park be a line between see and mainland. Bahowo also has nine species of mangrove.

The role of ecological, biological, and economic take a big sense for the society in Bahowo. It is a land stabilize. You can see mangrove expanse scattered in coastal beach. If you come while the society planting mangrove, you can participate to plant mangrove with them.

A member from Tunas Baru Bahowo Group, Chyntia Rumahlaiselan, said that beside the environmental group and students. The foreign tourist also come and involved planting mangrove with the community.

“The foreign tourist seems so enthusiastic while planting, and they are so in love with the environment in Bahowo,” said Chyntia.

In addition, Manengkel Group has an ecotourism program, where the tourist is recognized the importance of mangrove to protect the environment. And has another program ‘Sekolah Sei Pante’ to educate the elementary school about how importance the marine ecosystem.

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