My Name Is ‘Tahanan PBB’

Penulis: Tessa Senduk

MANADO, – A junior high school boy who ran around Manado Immigration Detention House, has named Tahanan PBB. This child was named by his parents Muhammad Yaqub and Aqilah, when he was born in 2003 in Rumah detensi Imigrasi (Rundenim) Sumbawa.

Tahanan, so everyone called him. He and his family were come from Afghanistan and has 17 years live in Indonesia. They we transferred from Rudenim Sumbawa to Rudenim Manado in 2010.

“I have a litle sister, named Tahanan PBB 2. She was born in this prison. We live with 139 other immigrants here, “ said Tahanan. while showing his birth certificate that written Tahanan PBB as his name, in order to prove to Zona Utara journalists if he was not joking of his name.

Although was born in Indonesia, he can not claim to be an Indonesian. He was born in prison, so his parents named him Tahanan PBB. His sister, who was also born in Rudenim Manado prison, was named Tahanan PBB 2.

“I have to study harder, because I want to be a soldier, although until now I do not know would become an Indonesian citizen or not. Honestly, until now we are be regarded as UN prisoners here. We demand for justice,” said Tahanan, showing his angry gaze.

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Tahanan is 2nd grade of SMP Negeri 2 Manado. He graduated from elementary school 54 Manado. He also have a brother Yahya, that studying in SMA 4 Manado. He admit that there is no difficulty during learning at school. Teacher and his friends  never discriminate him while studying in the classroom.

Sometimes, he got a lot of help from his friends. In his innocence, he protested the incident while studying in Sumbawa school, just because of the problem of not paying the tuition.

“What the rules?, the children can not get education just because of the cost? Please explain about the education rules. That’s what I want to find out, “ he exclaimed.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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