Batu Kuangang, Cultural Heritage Sites of Bantik

MANADO, –  Batu Kuangang (Kuangang Stone) is one of the cultural heritage sites of Bantik ethnic, located in Malalayang District, Manado City, Indonesia.

Batu Kuangang cultural site is in a walled location, with a size of about 10 × 10 meters. To get there, visitors must climb 48 stairs.

In this location there is a large stone but flat, and there are 17 pieces of holes, which is about 10 cm in diameter, with varying depths about  3-5 cm.

Interestingly, the stone was listed as one of the cultural sites of Bantik historical relic.

Johan Mongisidi (73), a resident from Malalayang explained to Zona Utara journalist, according to legend the holes on the stone were created through the elbow of Bantik’s ancestors, since thousands years ago.

“Once upon a time, there was a husband and wife named J Opo Sumpabungang and Mongorimpadoi, they both work as farmers and fishermen,” said Mongisidi, on Wednesday (7/12/2017).

They had two sons. The eldest was named Kondoi, while the youngest named Jundoi. Both are still young.


One day, the youngest Jundoi cried. His crying was heard by her mother. Finally, Mongorimpadoi and her husband rushed to meet his son who was crying.

To stop Jundoi crying, Sumpabungang promised to give him a game tool.

“Then, Sumpabungang prayed to L Ramo (the Creator), to be given strength,” explained Mongisidi.

His prayer was heard, so he prepared his right arm elbow on a stone that was already flat.

He started making a hole with his right elbow, amount 17 hole. After the hole is available, he prays again to L Ramo, to give bia stone (shells), as many as 17 grains.

After all, in the presence of his two sons has available a game place on the rock, which is currently known as Jongklak game.

“Their parent s advised that Kondoi can take care of his brother Jundoi until they come home from plantation,” explained Mongisidi.

The location of the Kuangang Stone Site is also called Bobay, known as Totimbayongan (where it stands a flat stone).


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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