19 Photographers Hunting For The Beauty of Malalayang Beach

MANADO, – Total of 19 professional photographers from Manado, Gorontalo, and South Bolaang Mongondouw (Bolsel) participated in underwater photo contest for the 41st anniversary of Nusantara Diving Center (NDC), on Saturday-Sunday, 09-10 December 2017.

Irvan Mangatar, a participants from Gorontalo recognize the beauty of Malalayang Beach. Especially with the variety biota, it is so unique and colorful.

“We’re not hard to get interesting objects,” Irvan said.

For two days, Irvan said, he got about 400 photos for 30 interesting biota such as variety of Gohi and Nudibranchs.

According to Ayub Mooduto, a participant from Bolsel who admitted that he was happy to participate in the annual event held by the NDC Alumni and cooperate with the Department of Fisheries and Maritime of North Sulawesi, Pertamina Fastron, Culture and Tourism Office of Manado City and North Sulawesi.

“The event gives a lot of benefits for tourism in North Sulawesi, because it is fully supported by the Governor of North Sulawesi and Mayor of Manado City,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the chairman of NDC Alumni Committee, Frangky David and Secretary of the committee, Roy Herlambang, the event was held with a variety of social and environmental agendas, ranging from pilgrimage to NDC founders Loky Herlambang, clean the sea, coral transplants led by lecturers Faculty of Fisheries and Marine of North Sulawesi, Chio Pratasik, and underwater photo competition.

This annual event was held to support tourism activities in North Sulawesi and remember the role of Loky as a pioneer of tourism in North Sulawesi.

Just known, Loky is the inventor of Bunaken Marine Park and brought it up to be known to the world level.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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