Minister Siti Nurbaya Gives Named Anara to New Baby Born Anoa

MANADO, – The Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya gives named to the new baby Anoa that was born at the Anoa Breeding Center (ABC) Balai Litbang Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (BP2LHK) Manado under name Anara, Thursday (11/1/2018).

Anara in Spanish means wanderer, or in Hindu means strong and perfect. But Anara is also an abbreviation of Anak Ana and Rambo. Ana and Rambo are the Anoa breeders who are in the ABC BP2LHK Manado breeding program.

This anoa baby is the second baby born in this facility. Earlier in 2017, the first Anoa baby born in this place has been named by the Vice President of the Republic Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, under the name Maesa.

Anara was born on November 8, 2017. Weighing about 3.5 kg, 60 cm long, and 50 cm high. The birth process is normal and natural, with the supervision of medical personnel and researchers at ABC.

When Minister Siti Nurbaya give name to this Anoa babies are in good health and show good growth.

ABC is an Anoa conservation facility managed by BP2LHK Manado. Currently ABC is inhabited by 9 Anoa: Rambo, Rocky, Rita, Denok, Ana, Sweet, Stela, Maesa, and the newborn  Anara.

“The second birth of Anoa in one year gives hope in the preservation of Anoa. It gives the excitement for KLHK, especially the R & D Agency and Innovation that has supported, and the Directorate General of Natural Resources Conservation and Ecosystem in conservation efforts,” said Siti Nurbaya.

Siti added this birth also showed significant progress in the Anoa breeding process  that conducted by BP2LHK Manado with the support from the partners.

Anoa is an endemic animal of Sulawesi which is currently included in the endangered category of the IUCN Red List Of Threatened Animal (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources)  protected by Law no. 5 of 1990 about Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and its Ecosystem.

Anoa is also classified as endangered species and entered into Apendix I CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). Stronger efforts are needed from various parties in order to restore the preservation of Anoa in nature.

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