Manado City Has Launched Garbage Bank

MANADO, – PKK Team of Manado City had launch Garbage Bank on Monday (22/1/2018), namely Bank Sampah Suka Maju located in Ketang Baru, Singkil District. This Garbage Bank is ready to serve the purchase of various trash.

Wenda Doya as a Director Garbage Bank Suka Maju said to journalist Zona Utara, that, she really welcomed the program from Manado City Government, in this case the Research Development Planning Board (Bapelitbang) of Manado City.

“I think we should welcome this program, because it has benefit from the economic side, cleanliness and environmental health,” said Wenda.

According to her, in the implementation of garbage from the community to be saved previously and has been separated, and then be sorted. Next it will be weighed and noted.

She explained that some types of garbage can be brought to the Garbage Bank Suka Maju, among others, mixed plastic cups valued Rp1000 per kg, plastic glass of mineral water Rp1500 per kg, duplex or egg container Rp200 per kg, gardus Rp1200 per Kg.

Head of Bapelitbang Manado City Liny Tambajong revealed, this is a program from Mando City Government in order to minimizing the trash production.

“The garbage that have brought or deposited to Garbage Bank will be noted and uploaded into the Smash application,” said Liny.

According to Liny, people have to download this application and can monitor the balance of their garbage savings.

“Today will be launched three Garbage Banks in Singkil District. Garbagae Bank in Ketang Baru Village, Smart Garbage Bank in Singkil Village and Amanah Garbagae Bank in Karame Village,” She concluded.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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