In Memoriam of the Patriotic Nani Wartabone

MANADO, РEvery January 23, the name Nani Wartabone be discussed by Gorontalo people. A figure from Suwawa District, Bonebolango Region,  Gorontalo Province, is a proclaimed figure in Gorontalo province.

Although in the official record of our country, Indonesia’s national independence proclamator is Ir Soekarno and Muhammad Hatta, but before these two figures, Nani Wartabone was a hero who first proclaimed Indonesian Independence. Nani Wartabone and a number of young fighters ravaged Dutch troops in Gorontalo on 23 January 1942. This aoccasion known as a Patriotic Day on 23 January 1942.

Just returned to remember the figure who was awarded the title of National Hero on Heroes Day in 2003, Nani Wartabone was born on January 30, 1907. His father, Zakaria Wartabone, was a man who worked for the Dutch Government and his mother was a descendant of nobility in Gorontalo.

Known, since childhood Nani has a bad sentiment to the colonial command. He had ever redeemed the prisoners of his parents, because he could not bear to see the commoners punished. When he was at school he feels not comfortable, because of the Dutch teacher humiliated Indonesia. That is why his antipathy against the invaders began grow in himself.

The struggle for Indonesian independence was begun when Nani involved in the founding of Jong Gorontalo organization in 1923 in Surabaya and be Secretary of Jong Gorontalo. Nani and people of Gorontalo fought against the invaders and the peak is when they could be arrested the Head of Dutch army in Gorontalo.

After the arrest incident, Nani also led the hoisting of red and white flag and declarated the independence.

The struggle has not ended, during the occupation of the Japanese army, Nani still lead the movement against the invaders. On December 30, 1943, he was arrested and exiled to Manado. He was released on June 6, 1945, because Japanese began feels their defeat against the allies.

After his release, Japan be respectful to Nani and recognizes Nani as the leader of Gorontalo. Then, Japan handed the government of Gorontalo to Nani on August 16, 1945, the day before the Proclamation of Independence nationally.

Nani Wartabone died in Suwawa on January 3, 1986. Because of his great done, Nani has its own place in the hearts of Gorontalo people. Not only built a monument to commemorate him, the National Park also uses his name as a form of homage. The park is named Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park located in North Sulawesi Province and Gorontalo Province.

Until now, the government and the people of Gorontalo commemorate Patriotic Day every January 23.

Rusli Habibie as Governor of Gorontalo Province, in his speech at the ceremony of Patriotic Day at Taruna Remaja Square, on Tuesday (23/1/2018), he hopes that the patriotic spirit of Nani Wartabone can be imitated by all people in Gorontalo Province.

Quote from various sources

Editor: Eva Aruperes

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