Broadcasters Show Sex Scene Freely, Government Censorship Engine is Useless

MANADO, – Streaming video app that runs on android and App store platform freely displaying sex scenes. Users only take a few minutes to download and install the apps in their smarthphone.

Afterwards, simply registering even kids can do it, users can freely watch various sex scenes without sensors at all.

So pity, because the government was announce poured Rp 194 billion budget for negative content sensor engine including pornographic content and sex scenes.

According to Dirjen Aptika Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) Semuel Abrijanin Pangerapan said, the machine has been active since January 1, 2018, by employing 58 staff from Kemkominfo.

In fact, the budget is almost useless. The broadcasters (the name for who is do live broadcast) seems free indulgent their aurat.

The average broadcaster is female, they willing to do anything, including be naked in order to collect gifts from their viewers.

Gift received then converted into points (different terms for each application) and can be exchanged for dollars

Bon Live is one of the streaming video apps that discussed in current, letting the broadcasters do any scene like sexual intercourse.

Bigo Live, a similar application in a few months ago had also become an application that can watch the sex scene directly.

But now the Bigo Live has implemented very strict rules. If the broadcasters are showing their intimate body, account is directly banned. Blocking can be temporary or permanent.

Bigo Live also does not tolerate broadcasters smoke during live. The account will be temporarily banned.

Broadcasters who get blocked sanctions will losses, especially if the number of beans (points) had already collected so many.

A broadcaster at Bigo Live who has collected 6700 could exchanged  $ 32, in an estimated Rp 416.000. This income that makes broadcaster will do anything to get points.

Bigo Live account under the name Danisa when monitored on Monday (29/1/2018) has collected 324,172 beans, at least she will get Rp 82,217,246. It can be obtained just by simply broadcasting via streaming video application. It’s really tempting.

In addition to these two applications, scattered other similar applications such as Nonolive, Uplive,, HiClube Live, Camfrog, U Live and other hundred applications.

Direct watch sensation is what the developers use to profit from their users.

An audience who wants to give a gift to the broadcaster must buy it on a developer system.

A user says, the streaming video app is like watching nude dance in a pub that provides similar services.

“If in the pub has risk. In this app, we can watch anytime as long as you have internet connection,” said M who did not want to detail his name.

M also mentioned that many broadcasters came from Manado.

“I Have not been met Manado’s broadcaster who  want show a vulgar scene, mostly just chatting with their viewers or just showing what they are doing,” explained M.

Zoanutara who also browses the users in various applications found many accounts coming from Manado.

Uncensored broadcasts in various applications are apprehensive. The government had budgeted hundreds of billions of funds should do more, preventing the spread of destructive negative content, especially for the younger generation.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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