February 14th, The Heroic Incident in Manado City

MANADO, –  February 14 is believed the world community as a day of love. In the city of Manado, the celebration of the moment that is commonly called Valentine Day is generally popular among the young people.

Even so, in Manado not only Valentine is commemorated. The historical incident of the rebellion the KNIL soldiers of Manado against the Dutch Government on February 14, 1946 was also celebrated. Patriotic moment on February 14th is known as Peristiwa Merah Putih (Red White Incident) in Manado.

Wednesday, at least two places observed by Zona Utara journalists celebrated the memorial of this heroic incident, in front of Mega Mall Manado and in Jalan Campus Unsrat.

In front of Mega Mall Manado, Manado Rock Legend Community with the Customary Army Command Waraney Santiago held a Rock Ballads Music Festival and songs themed struggle. Meanwhile, on Jalan Campus Selatan Unsrat, held a Metanarasi Discussion with the theme “Revolusi Manado: Kudeta dan Petisi Merah Putih”.

Why February 14 is important for Manado City? On 14 February 1946, there has been a heroic event in the history of the struggle to preserve Independence of Indonesian, it said Peristiwa Merah Putih di Manado.

In a book entitled Sulawesi Utara Bergolak, Peristiwa Patriotik Merah Putih 14 Februari 1946 written by Ben Wowor, explained that Peristiwa Merah Putih has been designed well through the meetings of youth leaders and national figures in North Sulawesi. This is the response of the figures in North Sulawesi to the Proclamation, which read by Bung Karno in Jakarta 17 August 1945.

At 1.00 pm on February 14, 1946, the youths who were members of the KNIL forces of Company VII led by Ch Taulu, occupied the headquarters of Teling-Manado garrison belonging Dutch military. They also freed the warrior figures whose had previously been arrested by the Dutch and arrested the Dutch officials in Manado, especially among the military.

At 03.00 pm, The Red White flad flying in the mountain Teling, a sign that Manado City has been controlled by the government of the Republic  Indonesia. Furthermore, about 600 troops and Dutch officials were arrested.

On February 16, 1946, there was a leaflet stating that the authority of Manado City has been in the hands of Indonesia. From there, during a month Red White flag hoisted all over the northern part in Celebes.

This important event in Manado happens without bloodshed. Coincidentally because it coincides with Valentine Day.


Editor: Rahadih Gedoan

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