Maliku, a Beloved Village

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MANADO, ZONAUTARA.com – Maliku Village is one villages in Amurang District, South Minahasa Regency. Zona Utara journalist team had opportunity to visit the village which is located about 10 Kilometers (Km) from the center of Amurang.

Enjoying the beautiful view during the trip to the village that has been divided into two villages since 2012 it. Head of Maliku Village Ferry Pieter Pandey unravel the history of Maliku Village.

The history of the village based on narrative of the village elders. The reason is original traces of Maliku Village is missing and has not been found.

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In 1600s, the village was named Lalumpe taken from the name of a wood. Where, the wood became a gathering place for migrants whose visiting village located in the mountainous area.

“As time passes, many people are coming here. Thus, the village was later renamed Liliku which means a favorite place or a beloved village. From the name Liliku then become Maliku.” said Pandey.

People who come and live in the village that is in the foot of Mount Soputan is also increasingly. And it is countless the tonaas and the head who has ever led the village.

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On the other hand, interesting incidents were happened in this village. The incident called “padi bergoyang” (swaying rice) in 1952. Based on the hereditary story of elders, the paddy that had been stored in farmhouse moved like a spring and became many. Not only rice, a similar thing also happened to the chili that had just been harvested by farmers.

Maliku Village is growing. The economic condition was on average at the middle level, and there were not very poor people. The area of ​​coconut plantations and paddy fields become livelihood for community.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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