The Diversity Merges in Tulude Ceremony

MANADO, – Diversity is a beautiful thing when it be grateful that the faith differences is not a dividing wall.

It is real when community of Sangihe Archipelago Regency carrying out Tulude Traditional Ceremony at NIPA, Nusa Tabukan District, (27/2/2018).

Tulude is a traditional ceremony to be grateful for the blessing of God. It is ancestral heritage in Nusa Utara or North Island (Sangihe, Talaud, and Sitaro Archipelago) North Sulawesi Province.

Tulude in Nusa Tabukan is so thick with nuances of indigenous culture Sangihe. All elements of dance, Tagonggong wasp and Sasambo chants echoed throughout the custom procession.

Uniquely, the people of Nusa Tabukan consisting of Christianity and Islam merged in a togetherness to perform the customary ritual.

Regent of Sangihe Archipelago Regency Jabes Ezar Gaghana who attended as Tembonang U Wanua, appreciated the atmosphere of diversity. Jabes is grateful that diversity is real and can be define as a cultural richness.

“In this time, Tulude shows a diversity of faiths. Christians and Muslims are siting together in Tulude event. It is a pride for us Sangihe people,” said Jabes.

Similarly expressed by the humanist Lukman Makapuas. He said, that culture is broad and does not belong to any particular organization. Tulude culture is entirely owned by the Sangihe people.

“Tulude is universal. Tulude is different from the usual gratitude. Tulude belongs to the Sangihe people, not a particular organization. Therefore, Tulude is an custom that unites people from various religious backgrounds anywhere,” said Lukman.

After the Tulude procession, the event continued with cultural art performances such as, Sasambo chants, Gunde dance, Rebana and Empat Wayer dance enliven the culture night.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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