Tattoo Is An Art, Not Crime

MANADO, – Body tattoos are a new attractiveness for some people. The viewpoint of society have being changing that tattoos are art and not criminal anymore. Although, there are some still think it like a taboo.

Donny Manan Roring, owner of ‘Triple A Tatto’ Studio Manado on Ch Taulu Street said, tattoo is the body art and a profession where he lives to. In fact, Donny has participated in various tattoo competition in around Indonesia.

“I have been participating in tattoo competition since 2010. So I have been get around Indonesia, especially in Bali, because Bali is the center of tattoo,” Donny said, when interviewed by Zona Utara journalists, on Wednesday (28/3/2018).

According to Donny, the tattoo arts in Manado City have become a new trend.

“People assume that tattoo is impressive in current time. In fact, people have tattoo is rich,” said Donny.

The art of tattoo will be support the tourism in this city actually.

“For example in the city of Bali, every 10 meters there is a tattoo studio and arrest the attention for tourists to coming. So, Manado City also can be the same as Bali,” he said.

Donny had tattoo the foreign tourists in his studio.

“There were two doctors from Switzerland do researchers Macaca nigra in Bitung from WWF. They asked where the tattoos, their guide pointed my studio and I tattooed them. It means that tourist already know Manado City through the tattoo arts,” said Donny.

On the other hand, he continued, in his experiences, he ever not seriously in tattoo art. he had been worked as a salesman, collector, technician, and in company.

“During work I did not enjoy, finally I try to focus and get seriously in my hobby tattoo as my profession. I decide to build a studio. Tattoo becomes my profession since 1992, but becomes professional artist tattoo in 2007, so already 11 years I do my business,” he said.

Tattoo price refers to the size. Start from Rp 8000 and the extent multiplied Rp 8000. But for abroad clients, Donny apply more expensive price calculated per hour.

Donny explained, tattoo tools are injecting and ink, and other equipment that order from abroad. For ink, ordered from America, while inject ordered from China.

“That’s the reason the price is expensive, because tool just used in one-time,” he said.

Tattoo also had Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), one of which should not tattoo children under 17 years old, the impact will be given a reprimand and revoked the business license.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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