AJI-CFI Gather Southeast Asian Journalists

MANADO, – It is around 100 journalists and bloggers come from eight countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia and also European journalists attended the 4M Asia Forum organized by CFI Media Development, France.

For two days on Saturday-Sunday (7-8/4/2018) the challenges of journalists and media to maintain independence and press freedom in Southeast Asia would be discussed in a forum entitled “Independent Media in Southeast Asia, What’s Next?”.

Chairman of the Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Abdul Manan said, currently Indonesian journalists face a great challenge in running the profession. The number of violence against journalists in Indonesia is still high.

“The pressure will be higher during regional head elections (2018) and president (2019),” he said during the opening session held at Hotel Alila, Jakarta, Saturday (7/4/2018).

French Ambassador to Indonesia Jean-Charles Berthonnet stressed the importance of maintaining press freedom is an important part to be free for expression.

He also highlighted impact of Internet on the changes how to distribute information in social media and the rampant misinformation that could disrupt information.

“Changes how to distribute information and the growing media business need to be responded,” he said.

Moreover, CFI Director for Southeast Asia David Hivet added that France Government is committed to support for current media problems and challenges. Not only economic challenges but also ethical problems.

“Our president involved against fakenews and he says it needs professional journalists and balanced media to deal with fakenews,” David said.

Since 2014, CFI has trained 120 Southeast Asian media actors and realizing several projects on local media and also community. For four years CFI provided support in the form of capacity building, including data journalism and networking. One of get the support is

David emphasizes that program made by CFI in Southeast Asia aims to ensure media pluralism in Southeast Asia.

“The principle that we apply in running the program is the exchange of experience between people. This is DNA of 4M Asia program,” David said.


Editor: Eva Aruperes

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