‘Lioness’ In Manado District Court

MANADO, – Raden Adjeng Kartini has striven to be pioneer for girls and women’s rights for Indonesia, so now, women are getting gender equality with men. Where, women can achieve every aspiration they have to.

This is felt by Halidjah Walliy, who can achieve become a female judge.

Strong Woman, that is a word for Halidjah Walliy who is one of female Judges in District Court of Manado. How not strong Halidjah is, when in the courtroom her voice blaring firmly when the questions are voiced to those are unlucky because entangled criminal cases.

“Halidjah is a ‘lioness’ in Manado District Court,” said her friend judge Imanuel Baru, when Zona Utara journalists came to Halidjah room.

Why lioness? That’s because Halidjah is a Leo-starred woman. While in the courtroom, her character is exactly Lion for professionalism as a judge in handling corruption cases.

However, when met in her room, Halidjah’s loud voice remained clear while talking, although always followed by her laughter which made the conversation feel close.

Halidjah chose to enter the law world because she had seen people who are treated unfairly. So that Halidjah decided to study at the Faculty of Law.

“I become a judge for struggle and priority of justice and of course defending the weak,” said Halidjah.

57-year-old woman started her profession as Judge since 2000.

“I have been placed in three District Court, namely Ambon District Court, Tual District Court, Ternate District Court, then Manado District Court until now,” she said.

During work as s Justice, Halidjah had an unforgettable experience when she was assigned in Tual.

“Tual often happen demonstration. But, I was always stood to be able to break the demo, because in Tual, women are highly respected and appreciated. So, the demonstrators dispersed because of me,” said Halidjah.

For Halidjah, being a woman must be a ourselves, live a life with self-respect, appreciate others, and then we would be appreciated by others.


Editor : Christo Senduk

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