MANADO, – Nursia Pangalima’s hand looks good while swinging a machete to a bamboo. She did it without fear of being hurt.

That is what people doing everyday in Tumpaan Satu Village, Tumpaan District, South Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province.

Nursia deftly splits the bamboo into pieces using a machete and then cleans it. Its bamboo is prepared to be assembled into a place of smoked fish, which by local residents called Regi.

Nursia is also one of residents who work as makers of Regi. Where, they are rely on life just by making Regi.

When met by Zona Utara journalist in seashore accompanied by a wind-breeze, Nursia with her husband, as well as some villagers look solid made Regi, Tuesday (17/4/2018).

53-year-old woman has been a Regi maker since 2000s. Regi makes Nursia can support her family and can send her children to school. Her youngest child had completed the National Computer Based Exam (UNBK) in one Vocational High School in South Minahasa Regency.
Regi. (Foto: Rarung)

Regi is a place of fumigation or ikan fufu special for small fish that is usually called the community of North Sulawesi with ikan putih (white fish).

“My daily life beside makes Regi, sometimes I also set the fish above Regi to be smoke,” said Nursia.

Every day, Nursia and her friends can produce 15 Regi, which are paid only Rp4.000 per Regi.

“We just paid the rent to make the Regi, all the bamboo came from those who ordered Regi,” she said.

Fish that will be smoked, purchased from local fishermen and if out of lack they will buy to fisherman from outside. To process the fish into ikan fufu should be through several processes.

“First the fish will pass through fumigation on Regi, then dried about three days if the weather is sunny, if the weather is raining it can take up a week to dry,” Nursia said.

If the fish is finished through the process, they will sell it in the markets and also get to the market that located in Minahasa District. Fufu fish sold at Rp50 thousand with a weight of 2 Kg.


Editor: Christo Senduk

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